The features of Sensory Friendly Clothing products help people to self-regulate, stay focused and, most importantly, to feel safe and calm. This enables them to be able to participate in everyday activities/environments.  

Sensory Friendly Clothing products have:

  • Quality non-irritating flat lock seams
  • Super comfortable fabric
  • Discreet self-regulating features (seamless socks, thumb holes in long sleeve tops, kangaroo pouch pockets, readily accessible textured ribbons in pockets for tactile input (with the option to attach fidgets), and oversized comfy hoods with textured cords.
  • Non-stimulatory printed care label

Sensory Friendly Clothing products enable the user to emotionally and sensory regulate in high stress environments.

The best thing  about the Sensory Friendly Clothing range is that the products LOOK like everyday clothes, so others around you are completely unaware of the regulating tools hidden within!