About Us

Sensory Friendly Clothing has been created and designed in Melbourne, Australia by a qualified Occupational Therapist, Julie Baker. Julie’s vision was to develop suitable clothing options for those with sensory needs and/or challenges with anxiety. The Sensory Friendly Clothing range has been developed to enable these people to participate in activities or place themselves in environments which they would otherwise feel unable to attend.  

Julie herself is AuDHD (Autistic and ADHD) - as are her three children, so the dream of developing a range of Sensory Friendly Clothing products is very close to her heart. She realised there was an absence of clothing on the market to cater for both sensory sensitivities (annoying tags, seams, stiff fabric etc.) as well as the inclusion of features for the wearer to self-regulate their sensory needs discreetly.  And so with support from her husband Steve, children and amazing staff Jane, Bianca, Tasha, Abby and Sam, Sensory Friendly Clothing was created!  

Julie also runs her first business, Sensory Matters (www.sensorymatters.com.au), and in her spare time as a Mum to a neurodiverse family (is there really such a thing as spare time?), loves catching up with friends, going for a run early in the mornings and walking her dogs, Rocket and Bailey.