Welcome to Sensory Friendly Clothing, the sensory and emotionally regulating clothing brand that aims to improve the daily lives of people living with sensory needs and anxiety.

The feeling of clothing persistently irritating the skin can be exhausting, overwhelming or even aggravating for a person with sensory processing difficulties.

Studies show that when people with additional needs are provided with sensory friendly clothing, their stress levels often decrease due to the absence of irritations caused by regular clothing brands . That’s where the brand Sensory Friendly Clothing comes into play.   Designed in Melbourne by a neuro-divergent qualified Occupational Therapist, these products aim to improve the daily lives of people living with sensory needs as well as anxiety.

How we do this...

The super soft fabric of the products enables the wearer to be settled and comforted, feeling more secure and relaxed than they were previously.

One exciting feature is that our products also come with the added bonus of discreet design elements for the wearer to provide sensory and emotional regulation and calm the nervous system. This helps when in a challenging, overstimulating, or overwhelming environment and can minimise sensory overload, enabling people to participate in the activities they want to be involved in.  

In the future Sensory Friendly Clothing is looking to expand from childrenswear into adult sizes, so watch this space and sign up to our mailing list to get the latest on new and exciting product releases 

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